Special: Final Fantasy XV Kritik – Part 1 (english version)

This is the english version of another article I published earlier this week. It is the first time I am writing something like this in another language. A friend of mine gave me the idea and I wanted to try it out. Enjoy it and if you like comment and share 🙂


People had to wait for this game ten long years. It has been renamed and the engine has been changed during the process of the development. The signs weren’t good for Final fantasy XV (formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII). However, at the end of last year Square Enix has finally shown mercy. They released the game and had a huge success. At the launch alone, they sold around five million copies. This huge number causes great expectations in the fans, who waited so patiently and don’t want to be disappointed, but how good is the game in the end? In the next articles I want to share my opinions after playing it and talk about the critics I have about the game. I finished the game a few days ago and I put over a hundred hours into it so I assume that I can build my own opinion about it. Beforehand, I want to say that even though I have some harsh words about the game I still enjoyed it quite a lot and I admire the courage of the developer to try out new ways.

First, I want to talk about the most important aspect: The fighting-system. Here Tabata has announced the biggest revolution in the Final Fantasy Franchise. They wanted to move away from the classical turn-based system and, tried to create a more dynamic and action oriented system. During my first attempts to understand that system, I needed some time. Thanks to the easy to learn basics, the battling system is creating a pretty good flow and makes the player feel very elegant and cool. The problem appears at a high concentration of enemies where orientation problems occur and pulls you out of that flow again. Often, attacks happen out of the players view and knock you down. While attempting to get back up, you get knocked down again which causes the player to get frustrated after some time. In general, the gameplay works well in the open world. All the orders like warping, blocking, evading are smoothly executed and give a sense of control to the player.

Unfortunately that feeling disappears again quickly in some situations. This happens especially during chapter 13, in caves and in Dungeons. I’m talking about the camera control. In smaller rooms the camera zooms in on Noctis and shows him from all the weird angles but leaves the battlefield completely out. The result is the complete loss of control and disorientation. The wait-mode helps a bit here because you can quickly get your overview of the situation again, without that the game is almost unplayable to me. Added to that, comes the fact that even in the open terrain that problem occurs sometimes when there are bushes or trees on the battlefield. Especially with bigger enemies, those fights can be a real challenging with the random zoom-in and zoom-outs.

Another problem is the double occupancy of the buttons. Sometimes you just want to run away from a fight because the enemy is too strong or so weak that it’s annoying to even bother. In previews instances of that franchise, you could run away with merely a single push of the button and had only to deal with a short loading screen. Here, on the other hand, you have to literally run away. Unfortunately, the button you use for attacking is the same as the one for dashing. That means that while pushing the button to run out of the perimeter of the fight, I often was unintentionally attacking at the very last moment so that I had to face the monster or try running again. This issue is less than a real problem during the fight and more of a bothersome -pain in the ass- because that double occupancy is also noticeable in other areas of the game. Having the jump feature also been occupied by the interaction button is simply stupid and a design flaw that is beyond annoying. On the whole, the system works relatively well and during the most fights I had no problems whatsoever. Sometimes the issues with the fighting system were so bad that I got quiet mad and even rage-quits at least once.

To explain better my critics, I want to share a video. A few days ago I wanted to try a hunting quest where I had to go into one of the most annoying dungeons in the game. Here, I was attacked by monsters again and again. Those enemies were far under the level of my team but the room was semi big and filled with one to three quiet big monsters. Through that room, you have to go three times and they kept respawning every single time. Because of the bad overview the only choice I had was evading and waiting until I could counter or summon an esper. Here is the “awesome” situation. Enjoy:

Special Thanks are going to my personal editor Sharon :* Her awesome blog can be found here.


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